Rewarding Security Guard Jobs

Make an investment in an education that is sure to pay dividends in the coming years. California is growing and major private patrol operators and other firms are looking for qualified candidates for available security guard jobs. The key to unlocking this rewarding career is the BSIS guard card that our courses and testing can provide for you. A security guard license is within your grasp if you are willing to put in the work necessary to pass all of the required courses that are a part of our curriculum.

We train the workforce of today for the security officer jobs of tomorrow. Our graduates have been known to say, “If you don’t find a job in 24 hours - you are not looking.” This industry is creating new opportunities for the people of California at every hour of the day. When you have an economy as large as ours, you need reliable security professionals in place to secure the facility and protect the people that make it run.

Discover the potential that comes with jobs in security, and complete your BSIS licensing hours from the comfort of your own home. When you secure your license after completing the required coursework, you can get hired as a security guard anywhere in the Golden State. As the requirements of the security profession change, our team is ready to give you the information you need to adapt. Our school has become an asset to the security services industry, and we owe it all to the quality students we have had the good fortune to educate.

The Need for Security Jobs

Security jobs are always in high demand. Due to an interconnected world economy and the ever-present threats of terrorism and corporate espionage, there is no off day in the security business, and the hours are available at any time of day or night. This allows for personnel to pick a position which accommodates their specific scheduling needs. For example, you can choose to spend your days at school or with your family, and work at night. The opposite is true as well, with both part-time and full-time positions for you to choose from.

Security Officer Jobs with Stability

Take the uncertainty out of your employment situation when you get the licensing needed for security officer jobs. Employers offer jobs in security for full-time, part-time, and on an as-needed basis. This gives you a level of flexibility and fulfillment that other positions just fall short of. Begin a lucrative career and give your family an opportunity to grow when you enroll at our [security training academy] (Link to HP).

Contact us today if you live in California and you are interested in security guard jobs with growing companies. We proudly serve clients in San Francisco and surrounding communities throughout the state of California.