Firearm Permit


Two day training course that includes live fire, BSIS documentation, and qualification: Classroom and Range facility. This course covers the following topics:

  1. Registration (classroom)
  2. Moral and Legal Aspects (classroom)
  3. Firearms Nomenclature and Maintenance (classroom)
  4. Weapon Handling and Shooting Fundamentals (classroom)
  5. Examination (classroom)
  6. Range Explanation (classroom)
  7. Range Training (range)
  8. Range Qualification (range)
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Two Day Course including Live Fire Qualification at the range. Pricing is for one caliber weapon. (.357, .38, 9MM, .40, .45) Additional $50.00 charge applies for each extra caliber qualification. Price includes documentation and Certificate of Completion.

Firearms Requalification: $125.00 for one caliber, $50.00 for each additional caliber.


Required range qualification every four to six months during two year licensing period. Fourth successful completion of written examination and a two refresher course.

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